Celebration & Awards

Celebrations & Awards

Employer & learner of the month awards

We will be nominating and awarding monthly local GP Strategies Training Limited (GPSTL)'s centre awards in recognition of learners’ achievement and employers’ support throughout the year. These awards will be reviewed by our senior management team on an annual basis and the most outstanding achievements will be recognised regionally at an annual gala evening event.

Listed below are some of the skills and qualities the assessors will be looking for.


  • Exceptional support given to your learner.
  • Encouragement and motivation towards your learner’s achievement.
  • Attendance and involvement in our local initiatives (for example, quality forum).
  • Use of our training resources and time on our premises.
  • Involvement within our training workshops.


  • Achieving the full framework within planned training.
  • Achieving full-time employment through exceptional work commitment.
  • Achieving certification in exceptional circumstances.
  • Active involvement in our initiatives (for example, quality forum).
  • Involvement in our training workshops.
  • Completing the individual learning plan (ILP).

Programme review meetings

We also host a series of programme review team meetings throughout the year at each of our centres. These meetings allow us to listen to the views of different groups involved in our training and to look at new areas for development and improvement.

If you would like to take part in this meeting please contact your assessor.