Apprenticeship Training Agency - ATA

Apprenticeship Training Agency

GP Strategies Training Limited (GPSTL) is an Apprenticeship Training Agency recognised by the National Apprenticeship Service (NAS).  We offer employment opportunities to young people in a variety of sectors including education, child care and business.

Our approach is distinctly different to any other available in the UK. We work collaboratively and in partnership with local authorities, schools and employers to get a more diverse and locally based workforce. So, together, we get local people working with local companies.

Our key difference is that we directly employ our apprentices and support them during their training.

We have a dedicated recruitment team who screen, prepare and match local people to jobs and apprenticeship opportunities.

Our aim is to help a range of organisations offer apprenticeship places to young people.  Like other ATAs, GPSTL has been developed to make it easier for businesses to take on an apprentice without employing them directly.  This removes all the bureaucracy and red tape from the employer, allowing them to concentrate on their business whilst up-skilling their workforce.

We can offer you national coverage, and unrivalled contact with employers, job seekers and other contacts across the wide range of sectors for which apprenticeships are available.

Why use it?

  • Extremely flexible
  • An easy route to recruit an apprentice without employing them directly
  • Removes bureaucracy and red tape from employer
  • Minimises risk

Who is it for?

  • Any employer

What’s the commitment?

  • 30hrs min. per week
  • Fixed term of 12 months (366 days)


  • App NMW (£3.40 in 1st yr) + £0.99 management fee per hour e.g. for 30hr week = £6,848.40

What does the ATA offer?

  • Deals with HR issues
  • Issues contracts to ‘Host Employer’ and apprentice
  • Invoices the ‘Host Employer’ monthly
  • We pay the apprentice
  • Makes NI payments where necessary

Selling points to schools

  • Avoids local authority restrictions on minimum salary banding
  • Removes any restrictions on staff headcounts


For further information please contact us.