Our aims and priorities

Our aim is to provide and maintain an environment where all learners are safe, feel secure, are encouraged to talk and are listened to. We have adults at each training centre who are trained to deal with safeguarding issues whom you should contact if you are worried or have any concerns about any aspect of your health, safety or welfare. Throughout your programme we will continue to provide you with the opportunity to develop the skills you need to stay safe, healthy and recognise abusive and harmful behaviours. GP Strategies Training Limited (GPSTL) takes its responsibilities towards safeguarding learners, children, young persons and vulnerable adults very seriously and are committed to working with local safeguarding authorities and organisations in cases where abuse and harmful behaviours are suspected or reported.

Every child and every learner matters - our realisation

Every Child Matters is a framework which has been developed by the Government to ensure the well-being of children and young people from the ages of 0-19 regardless of their background. GPSTL is fully committed to the framework and will ensure that all learners on a GPSTL programme or course will have the support that they need to:

  • Be healthy
  • Stay safe
  • Enjoy and achieve
  • Make a positive contribution
  • Achieve economic well being

If you’ve got a problem, whether it’s about your course, your work, your home or even your family or friends – we have a free dedicated and confidential help service call SHARP available 24hrs a day covering a range of topics and more.

  • Community
  • Bullying
  • Hate crime
  • Newsflash
  • Weapons
  • Health
  • Healthy eating

Visit the SHARP system for further information.


The threat of terrorist attacks in the UK
The threat level in the UK remains at ‘severe’ after a number of terrorist attacks in London and Manchester earlier in the year.
Although this means that out Government and Security Services consider the possibility of further attack to be ‘highly likely’, we cannot simply refuse to leave home. In fact, after all the recent attacks, commentators, the police and victims have all been keen to make the point that this is just what terrorists want.
We can however be sensible and take reasonable precautions to keep ourselves and others safe. If you own, manage or work in a business where large crowds congregate, the link below will provide up-to-date guidance from security services in the twelve sectors seen as, potentially, the ‘crowded places’ most vulnerable to terrorist attacks.
This guidance is issued by the National Counter Terrorism Security Office NACTSO with the aim of helping organisations to improve their protective security in Crowded Places. Check to see if your policies and procedures are fit for purpose.




Safechoice is our quarterly newsletter containing a round-up of topical Safeguarding topics and related features. You can download and view the following copies.

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