equal opportunities

 Equal Access Statement

Our Aim

The aim of GP Strategies Training Limited (GPSTL) is to provide equality of opportunity and access in all that we do. That means the company is committed to ensuring that each and every learner enrolled with us, receives the same quality of service and is provided with the same opportunity for development and achievement, regardless of any learning difficulty or disability they may have

How will we fulfil this Aim?

  • We will work with you to identify your specific needs and to agree what type of additional support you may require.
  • We will provide open and honest information to you on the services, resources and facilities that we can provide.
  • We will implement policies and procedures to actively support this
  • Within budgetary constraints, we will endeavour to ensure appropriate financial, personnel and physical resources to support this commitment.
  • We will make sure all learners have on-going access to individual,
    confidential, support and guidance.
  • Finally, we will regularly monitor our policies and procedures, through audit, self-assessment and client feedback to make sure they are working effectively.

This statement is actively supported and reviewed by Senior Management on an annual basis.

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All potential learners are provided with one to one counselling prior to enrolment onto our programmes. During the course of this counselling, potential learners are provided with the opportunity to discuss any additional support needs that they may have.

Support staff will then identify appropriate action, which may be sourced internally or externally, in order to ensure that specific needs are met.


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If you have any immediate questions that you need answering about any aspect of our service or provision, please contact us.

Once you have enrolled with us you will be provided with a handbook that contains contact information on all the staff who will support you throughout your programme.

Your handbook will also provide you with information on the company's Equal Opportunities Policy, Health and Safety Policy, Support Arrangements and Complaints Procedures.


Provision & Support
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The company has a range of staff with relevant backgrounds, experience and expertise on which we can call, to provide support in the following areas:
• learning difficulties
• emotional and behavioural difficulties
• social and interpersonal difficulties
• dyslexia

The level of support required by learners with learning difficulties and/or disabilities is based on an assessment of individual needs. The support offered can be one or a combination of the following:
• one to one support sessions
• supported learning programmes
• individual support
• group support
• specialist assessment
• advise and support to course tutors
• literacy and numeracy support


Assessment Support
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Additional assessment preparation support, in excess of our established delivery regime, will be identified and provided to meet individual learner's needs.  Alternative assessment arrangements can be offered to assist learners to demonstrate the required competence.

These methods include:
• video evidence
• audio evidence
• professional discussions
• work-place support and testimony
• verbal assessment


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All learners are provided with a copy of the company's grievance and appeals procedures on enrolment. In order to ensure that all learners fully understand the processes, the enrolment officer explains these processes in detail during the induction process. In addition, learners are provided with on-going opportunities to raise any problems that they may have with their individual assessor or support advisor.


Facilities and Resources
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Most of the programmes GPSTL offer are work-based, but even so, every effort is made to ensure that the employment locations are suitable, support the same equality principles as ourselves, and have the appropriate facilities necessary to meet learners' needs. Where in-house courses are offered, GPSTL will advise you individually, as to accessibility and available facilities.

The company has a limited resource bank of specialist equipment, but where additional requirements are identified, every effort shall be made to source them and you will be advised before you enrol as to whether we can meet your needs.